Hi guys! Im a guy from Spain, 17 years old. Daydreamer, Gleek, Fighter, Lovatic, Frand, Parawhore & Tribute My favorite director is Tim Burtom, my favourite trilogy is Back to the future and my favourite writter is Laura Gallego. Feel free to ask ;D contador de visitas
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Q102 - Philly's Hit Music


Vote For Christina Grimmie!!!

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wait I’m really lost, why are “f” and “g“‘s disappearance leading to this?

Someone please explain this to me omg
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leave me there.
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it was only a mater of time 
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The Perfect Theme?
Have a vision in your brain of an exactly perfect blog theme? Make it come true using your fingers!
Read the instructionsTake a class
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Black Hole bending light.

this is fucking terrifying
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Professor: Your essay must be 3,000 - 6,000 words

Me: image

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The Cannonball - one ability guaranteed to improve with age!
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Sia and her "experiment".

Sia's latest tweet.
"Woah, I can't believe this experiment worked. Thank you so much for making my album number 1!"
So it was an experiment eh? Guessed that from the start. She wants to be known by name, not face.
Thoughts? Opinions? Weigh-in!
Great movement, proving people she can get up there for her music and not her face
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Pissing myself! 😂
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Q102 - Philly's Hit Music


Vote for Christina Grimmie RIGHT NOW because she is LOSING! GO GO GO!

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What You Missed from Christina's YouNow


So as you guys may or may not know, Christina just finished a YouNow. She answered a lot of question and she also had some very exciting news for us! Here are some of the important things she said:

  • Must Be Love is the name of her new single
  • This single will be out July 31st
  • It will be…
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